Fire Safety on Bonfire Night

It’s Bonfire Night!

Bonfire Night is a celebration of Guy Fawkes and his failure to blow up Parliament and assassinate the King with exploding gunpowder on November 5th 1605. The tradition of Bonfire Night is to create a bonfire and throw a Guy Fawkes mannequin onto the fire. This British tradition was ordered by King James as a celebration of his survival.
Tecservuk love a good celebration, however here are a few tips in fire safety when lighting a bonfire and fireworks.

  1. When building a bonfire, please do this in a location away from other obstacles and any exit or entrances where there is a danger for people to become trapped.
  2. After the bonfire has been built, make sure that the surrounding environment is not dry enough to catch fire or that additional dry wood is kept away from the main fire display.
  3. Always have a method to put out the bonfire before lighting just in case it doesn’t go according to plan.
  4. When choosing the fireworks for your display, make sure that they are not out-of-date. This is important because if they are out-of-date they can become unpredictable when exploding.
  5. If you have a small/medium garden we would advise you to only purchase fireworks labelled Garden Firework(s).
  6. When igniting a firework make sure that a distance is kept before the firework sets off. A small/medium garden requires a minimum of 5 metres distance.
  7. After a firework has exploded debris can fall. This still has the potential to ignite its surroundings so be aware and keep an eye on where it falls.
  8. When handing children sparklers to play with make sure they hold it at arms length and away from other children.
  9. During Bonfire Night celebrations smoking would not be advised especially whilst handling the fireworks.
  10. Have a responsible adult (non-intoxicated) to light all fires throughout the night.
  11. Follow carefully all firework instructions.
  12. Make sure there is an artificial light available for lighting all fireworks and bonfire so no mistakes are made.
  13. If a firework fails to launch after the instructed time DO NOT approach/attempt to fix/throw onto the bonfire, this is extremely dangerous.
  14. If you are in a residential area it would be advised that you ask permission of your surrounding neighbours if they are comfortable with an open bonfire and firework display.
  15. There are a number of safety precautions that need to be implemented during Bonfire Night celebrations:

a)      Have prepared a bucket of Earth/soil to bury fireworks or debris.
b)      Prepare a flat surface or wooden board to build the bonfire on top of.
c)      Have a bucket of water for emergencies and for children to place their sparklers in.
d)      A first aid kit just in case.
e)      If you have purchased a wheel firework, you will need a hammer and nails to pin it to a surface or post.

This advice is compliance with the British Standard BS7114. For more information please visit this link:-

Or Tecservuk would be more than happy to advise you on fire and security safety, just visit our website:-


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